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Vocals - Songwriting

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"I have been learning the acoustic guitar from Nat for the past 2 years. As an adult learner, I started out interested but had never really picked up a guitar in my life. Nat is so patient and kind, which made learning from scratch a lot easier. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in both music theory and practice. He is passionate about all music genres and supports me to step out of my comfort zone, extending my skills and growing my interests. I have seen Nat work with children and adolescents, where he demonstrates excellent skills in building rapport and tailoring the lessons to the child's ability. I highly recommend Nat as a music teacher, for both lessons in person and via skype".

- Hayley J.

What we can do for you:

Music Tuition, Composition & Performance.

Learn music online with career musicians, find music for your next project, or join us 
for one of our workshops or masterclasses; We're here to help you achieve your goals! 

We're an Australian music enterprise that specialises in providing industry focused music tuition, composing
original music & supporting growth in the industry through events and performance opportunities. So whether you're
just learning to play, looking for music for media, or just hunting your next gig - we've got you covered! 

Our Services:

  • Online Music Tuition:
    Guitar, bass, piano, vocals, songwriting, theory, music business. 

  • Live Performances & Event Promotion:
    Gigs & events, student showcases, tour  promotion.

  • Music Workshops, Masterclasses & Camps:
    Stagecraft & performance, songwriting, professional development 

  • Stagecraft & Performance Coaching:
    Performance prep, effective stagecraft, live production 

  • Original Music Compositions: 
    Bespoke music and sound design for media & commissions.

  • Music Business Consultancy:
    Industry training, advisory and liaison services. 

We are immensely passionate about Live Music & Australian Heavy Metal. We proactively support the broader music scene.
Our mission is to create synergies & opportunities to help music thrive both at home and abroad.

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