Who Are We?

Naticus Music is a music enterprise focused on providing learning and performance opportunities for musicians both established and upcoming. We offer services in:

  • Private Instrumental & Stagecraft Tuition.

  • Original Music for Media.

  • Promoting Events (Gigs, Workshops, Masterclasses, Camps, Tours). 

We're a proactive Australian music venture striving to support growth, solidarity & artistic opportunities within the creative industries. Whether it's helping you to start playing music, find original music for your project or event, or just find your next gig; we're here to help!

Actual appearance may differ.

 About the Founder. 

Nat Harmer is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and music entrepreneur known for his dedication to not only Australian music, but to each of his students, and his own artistic endeavours.  

Raised within the music industry, Nat was very fortunate to be surrounded by professional muso mentors throughout his life to help inspire and spur him to keep learning to understand as many aspects of music as possible. Starting his musical education at age 4, it didn't take long for him to become obsessed with all things music...then came the discovery of Iron Maiden, and all hell broke loose.   

Heavily entrenched in the Australian Metal Scene, having been active since 1999, Nat is a regular figure at metal shows, whether playing, promoting, being a roadie, supporting bands, or just thrashing out on the front line - this bepatched gent is hard to miss!


One fond memory is his musical hero Devin Townsend coming to his hometown of Wagga as part of Strapping Young Lad. All efforts to enter the Tourist Hotel underage were thwarted, leaving him to watch on and dream of greater things through the tinted glass.   

Not one to take a break and ever driven, Nat proceeded to undertake his first degree at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga after graduating year 12 with a distinction in musical studies. The next 5 years would be spent specialising in sound, lighting & set design for theatre. During this time Nat continued to work as a roadie, and wielded guitar in various band projects. 

Relocating to Sydney, Nat enrolled at the JMC Academy of Creative Arts, having bypassed the audition process through an extensive summer school. For the 3 years, he would learn to further hone his craft, whilst undertaking posts as student council president and student representative on the academic board with the universities accreditation partners. 

He graduated as one of the highest achieving students from JMC, having also achieved awards such as most supportive student and student of the year. 

Nat returned to Wagga for family reasons, and furthered his studies by undertaking two qualifications in business and business management. During this time in early 2011, Nat established Naticus Music as part of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. Launched as a music engagement program funded through Wagga City Council, the goal was to offer subsidised musical education to disadvantaged youths.  

Today, Nat works full time in the music industry, from performing to composing music for games, from promoting gigs all the way to teaching music & stagecraft to students from both Australia and overseas.

Having recently relocated to Melbourne, Victoria, Nat's new project THE INCANTUS

launches early 2019. 



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Audio Production:

Graphic Design:

Skill Set:

Please Note: gold star is a participation award only

Character Sheet


Name: Naticus                                      

Level: 35                                                   

Class: Musician                                

Race: Human/Hagrid Hybrid.        



Bit nice.                                                

  • Mystical Roadie Powers.

  • Jig/Frolic awkwardly at will.

  • Play Instruments.

  • Fear of Bassoons & Cthulu.

  • Far Beyond Driven. 


Naticus Music - Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

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