New Beginnings (hard work pays off!)

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Here it is, the very first post! Right now, I can scarcely believe I'm actually here writing this, at last! At this point, I'm getting one of those 'embarking on a voyage' feelings, where the retrospect of your past accomplishments seems to recede behind you, freeing you up, leaving only what is to come next. Now only if such a thing could be bottled!

So, with the rambling, vague preamble out of the way (that sounded catchy), I should probably introduce myself and give some context to what the hell I'm actually talking about.

My name is Nat, I'm an Australian musician that like many, has gone through the trials and tribulations that come with working towards making music their full time occupation. Unabashedly, music is my absolutely greatest passion, and I know a great many of you other musos out there feel exactly the same. Writing, performing, listening, all things that play an active role in defining us. Also like many of you, I'm no stranger to the school of hard knocks and random misfortunes. To anyone "in detention" in said school right now, I'll say this much before we go further; don't forget to remind yourself that it only serves to make you more tenacious than you were before.

So why am I writing this? Honestly? Firstly, this is me documenting and sharing my musical journey, in the hopes that my humble experiences can somehow help some of you out there with traversing your own. I offer you tidbits! A vast and varied bag of them! A compilation of working industry knowledge I have learnt and acquired throughout my career. I'm opening a dialogue with you all, a forum in which to discuss our thoughts and progress in the musical world.

Whether you are a household name, the determined unknown standing at the back of the venue, or a musician like myself, clawing their way to where they want to be, we all walk this crazy life together, and we're all in it for the love of music.

Secondly, I created Naticus Music for a one overall reason, to build an opportunity for myself, the chance to make creating, collaborating and performing music my full time gig - to truly live my life, on my terms. This is something I know a great many of us strive for, and it is absolutely achieveable.

To anyone that states it is "impossible" to make any kind of living from music; quite simply, that's absolute BS. Now, it's no secret that it is not easy, but is anything worthwhile ever easy? I believe that through developing multiple income streams, an enterprising mindset, genuine professional courtesy and a "work smart, not just hard" attitude, you can move towards making your goals a reality. In fact, I know musicians doing exactly that - making it a reality (I know you guys are reading this!).

How many of you out there are trying to navigate their way out of a rut (a place we're all definitely familiar with). Think of this blog as a handbook of sorts. A place where someone might bring up just the right point which could just get you back on track. I'll also lay bare all of my little wins, my progress, my industry thoughts and importantly, my mistakes - the open diary of a working musician.

For those that have gone from really making fantastic progress in their music careers, to virtually falling off the map; whether it be for family reasons, troubles or compromises, I hear you and get where you're coming from, but trust me, if you want to get back to it, you most certainly can figure out the way from where ever you are.

I recall time after time at my day jobs, feeling unfulfilled only being on the musical sidelines (even my employers knew all I was there for was to get back to music, earning money for my home studio, step by step haha), plotting my escape; reading articles from other musicians, refining my business plan and re-reading notes from old lectures - one constant, clear truth was always present; there is no exact science to any of this, a fact we all know but occasionally forget to keep in mind. In the end, it's all about creating our own paths to what we want to achieve, and well, this is going to be an insight of me doing exactly that!

So to those either making it happening, or working towards making it happen, I salute you! For every ten naysayers, there will be at least one peer who supports you - even when you don't realise it. To those still feeling encumbered by all of those paralysing doubts, those thoughts of "life is too short not to follow your passion" being struck idle by barriers we inexplicably construct;

Start turning it around by doing your best not to compare yourself to others (that old iceberg of success addage! Often we don't see all the submerged struggles it developed from).

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Any comments or feedback is absolutely encouraged! Constructive comments are always appreciated and any questions you'd like to raise are most welcome!

What brought you to this point? What comes next for you?

Keep in touch, and good gigging!

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